TIF is a pioneer patient-orientated organisation – one of the first disease-specific federations to be established worldwide.

The Thalassaemia International Federation (TIF), a non-governmental, patient-driven umbrella organisation, established in 1986, supports to-date, the rights of patients for access to quality health, social and other care through its work with over 200 national thalassaemia associations in 64 countries across the world. It was founded by a small group of doctors and patients/parents who represented National Patient Associations, mainly from Cyprus, Greece, Italy, UK and USA, i.e. countries where thalassaemia had been recognized early as a genetic, hereditary disorder with huge medical, public health, social and economic repercussions if left unaddressed in terms of both effective prevention and management. Thus, these were the countries where strong research activity was initiated and the first control programmes were implemented in the early 1980s, with measurable success. The rationale of these founding members lay on the establishment of an international umbrella organisation to build on the accumulated experience and the knowledge gained, aiming to support the efforts of other countries since by the mid-1980s the worldwide prevalence of the diseases had been well verified.

Our Mission: The prioritisation of thalassaemia on national health agendas and the development programmes within national healthcare systems based on universal coverage.

Our Vision: To support the provision of equal access of every patient with thalassaemia to high quality health, social and other care in a truly patient-centred healthcare setting.

Our Values: Transparency, reliability, ethos, accountability, independence and patient-centredness.

Our Work:

  • Education
  • Advocacy
  • Collaborations / Networking
  • Research
  • Raising Awareness

Our Partners:

  • World Health Organisation:
  • United Nations: in special consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) since 2017
  • Council of Europe: participatory status in the Conference of International NGOs since 2019
  • European Union: official partners of the European Commission in the field of Health since 2018

Our Motto: Unity & Knowledge constitute our Strength!

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About TIF’s Educational Programme

TIF’s Educational Programme is of crucial importance in achieving its goals. The programme addresses the needs of patients, parents, healthcare professionals and the general public.

TIF’s Educational Programme is comprised of the following constituent parts:

  1. Educational events (conferences, seminars and workshops) held at local, national, regional and international levels organised in live, virtual or hybrid formats.
  2. Publications (books, leaflets, brochures) and their translation and distribution across the world in hard and electronic copies.
  3. TIF e-Academy offering online educational courses for thalassaemia patients / caregivers (Thal e-course), treating physicians (eThalEd) and affiliated healthcare professionals in diagnostics (HPLC Screening) as well as sickle cell disease patients (e-SCD for patients) and treating physicians (e-SCD for Medical Specialists).
  4. Preceptorships & Fellowships offered to haematologists, paediatricians and affiliated healthcare professionals to further advance their knowledge and understanding of the disease through in-situ experiences at Reference Centres. The annual Renzo Galanello Fellowship and the tailored Preceptorship programmes are the main drivers of this effort.